Here we are…

I had considered writing a blog several years back but never got around to setting it up, let alone writing a post. I told myself that there were already plenty of good sport scientists to follow and learn from in the social media world. However, a few years later and here we are…

IPF Worlds 2013
This photo was probably taken when I first thought about blogging…


My name is Hayden Pritchard, I am a sports scientist and strength coach from New Zealand. You can read a bit about who I am on the “About Me” page. I have several objectives with writing this blog, these are to:

  • Provide a resource for commonly asked questions – i.e. create content that I can send students and/or friends to read about particular topics;
  • Share links to and/or summaries of resources that I have found valuable – such as websites, journal articles, and webpages of sports scientists or athletes;
  • Learn – spending time researching and then writing about a topic assists me in better understanding that area; and,
  • To create content with more detail than could be shared on social media based platforms.

Primarily the posts will be related to strength training and wider sports science topics. If you have any ideas for content or questions you would like to be covered feel free to comment below.

The aim is to provide content at least once a fortnight. Lets see how we go…

Anyhow, while I work on the content for the next post, I thought I would share an interesting recent article from Eric Helms titled “How Confident Are You in What You Know?“. The article discusses why science, or evidence, is not always black or white – but rather that we can really only have different levels of confidence in what we (think) we know.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again next time!


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