6 Week “DUP-Style” Back Squat Cycle

This is an Excel sheet and Google Sheet of a Back Squat cycle I produced that was originally part of a program Team HJP athletes completed in 2019. Many athletes improved their Back Squat 1RM after following this program, so I thought I would share it.

Download the sheet and enter your 1RM, choose kg or lbs, and a value to round to. The sheet will then automatically calculate six weeks of three day per week training for your Back Squat.

Please ensure you follow the instructions within the document, and don’t overestimate your 1RM at the start! If you overestimate your 1RM, the program will be very difficult to complete and it may impact on the desired training stimulus.

Click the below link to download the Excel sheet:

Or, click the link below to access the Google Sheet:

6-Week DUP Style Back Squat Program (Google Sheet)

As with any program, you follow this program at your own risk. Please take appropriate precautions before beginning any new exercise routine.

This is a “plug and play” program so results will vary, however, it will also help you to learn how you respond to “DUP style” programming. If you want to learn more about DUP, check our Mike Zourdos’ ResearchGate page.

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